Jack Nicholas said, “Golf is 90% mental.  The other 10% is mental.”  Jack won the inner game of golf over and over again.  As a result, he won a lot of tournaments.

I am writing as one of the few Sports Psychiatrists, which means my training includes that of all medical doctors, and my approach is a true Mind-Body approach.  The truth is that Spirit is also part of this game.  When you get fully connected, your inner game is powerful and your outer game is unstoppable.  By “Connected” I mean, “Getting connected to Self, Nature, Others, and God/Higher Power.”  TOTAL CONNECTION makes you a peaceful warrior.

Let me make one thing very clear about the mental, the inner game.  It is not about Positive Thinking, although that is one piece of the total Mental Strategy.

Winning the Inner Game of Golf will make golf much more fun, and will shave points off your game better and faster than any piece of equipment you can ever buy. 

I invite you to take a deep look at this Inner Golf Journey.
The Doctor is in, and ready to open up a remarkable golf transformation for you.

— David Gersten, M.D.